October 15, 2011

Tickle Wars: Mom vs Boys

The boys were supposed to be getting ready for bed when I hear this commotion and came to investigate.  I was slightly surprised at the scene which lay before me!  There were my boys attacking their poor defenseless mother.  Actually, I discovered that she's not defenseless and she launched a significant counter-offensive in this tickle war leaving the boys on the verge of  tears before going to bed.

If you watch the video you'll notice that Michael is absent.  He was not edited out.  He was simple a neutral bystander in this confrontation (he finally got his chance to play the Leapster and wasn't going to sacrifice his time for an opportunity to join a losing cause).

There is a strong possibility of an imminent attack and our sources tell us that we should be prepared!

October 7, 2011

Kangaroo Zoo is Family Fun

Michelle wanted to take our family to the Kangaroo Zoo.  It is one of those places with the super sized inflatable toys.  We've taken our boys to places where these big slides are part of the party but never to an entire arena full of inflatable fun.  Our boys went crazy, non-stop running.  Even for our boys that was pretty impressive. 

The boys were getting all the sliding their little hearts could handle but it was great to see when the older brothers would help the younger brothers to enjoy the larger slides.  David was especially good to watch out and help his younger brother Quinten to have fun on the various slides.

We had a lot of fun but were only able to capture a little bit of it on film.  But it is enough of a taste of the action to remember just how much fun we had.  We would love to go back and have another day of fun at the Kangaroo Zoo.

(Posted 1/23/12)

October 2, 2011

David Goes to General Conference

My boys have done a fantastic job of watching conference this weekend.  David and Donovan watched all 4 regular sessions of conference.  Michael and Aleky made it through 3 1/2 sessions, which isn't bad for that age group.  I was excited to take David to his first live session of conference now that he's 8 years old, the minimum age for attendance at this semi-annual event.
David has been complaining about "having to go" to conference.  But once we were on our way he was humming a different tune.  From the moment we hit Salt Lake City he was non-stop jabbering about everything he saw.  It was great to see his excitement finally bubbling forth. 

We had seats on the balcony but they were right in the middle of the conference center so it was a perfect position.  David was admiring everything from the TV cameras and monitors to the organ and the general authorities seated on the stand.  I finally had to remind him that conference was like church and we had to be reverent while the Apostles were talking. 

David took a page of notes in his journal from the things that the general authorities said.  He was very proud of having so much to record in his journal.  I'm very proud of him.  He asked me, as the closing song was being sung, "Daddy, thank you for bringing me to conference.  Can we come back for next conference?"  I'm pretty sure we can work something out for a kid who is this excited about attending conference.
(pictures from my camera phone)