December 8, 2012

Christmas Tree Hunting

We have upheld the family tradition of going Christmas tree hunting for a live Christmas tree.  It has been a fun experience and is building some great memories.  This year we still made it out for the hunt but it was postponed until almost the middle of December!  So we haven't had the Christmas tree and lights with all the other decorations to really make the holidays bright. 

This is actually our second trip out to search for a Christmas tree.  Our first expedition didn't go so well even though we got some good hiking in.  Unfortunately we ran out of daylight and had to abandoned the search.  This is trip two and, with a little help from the Petersens, we were able to find our Christmas tree with very little trouble.

The return trip turned into something a little more unusual, at least compared to other similar expeditions.  David decided that he wanted to run down the mountain instead of riding in the suburban.  That seemed like a reasonable request and he took off ahead of us.  Michael decided he wanted to take advantage of the open space and headed off after David.  We caught up to Michael who, after a little jaunt, decided that he wanted to ride instead of run.  When David didn't stop running Michael decided he wanted to join in the run again. 

We stopped the suburban and let Michael out to run.  David never seemed to tire but Michael, once again, ran out of energy and jumped in the suburban for good.  However, Michelle took over the relay for Michael and she got out and started running after David.  After some distance Michelle's turn to run ended and I took over, trying to keep up and even overtake David.  It wasn't really fair since I had driven the first 3 miles or so but I did finally out distance David.  He ran all they way down the mountain and to the main gravel road which was about 5 miles!

Everyone got in the suburban once on the main road and we drove the rest of the way home.  We all felt like we had our exercise for the day and enjoyed the ride back to Provo.  Once back in Provo we brought the tree in.  With help from David we quickly had our tree planted in our front room in front of our main picture window.  Now we just need to actually decorate the tree!

(This is our only recent family picture so we're going to use it for our Christmas cards this year!)

(published 3/14/13)