May 31, 2011

Family Night by Provo River

It's Memorial Day, a national holiday, but I had to go to work. So Michelle and I wanted to do something with the boys when I got home. The fact that it was raining and hailing meant that our boys had been stuck in the house all day and we needed to get them out (the tomato plants appeared to have survived the hail). But when I got home I was tired and had a headache. Michelle felt similar and we had to pool our energetic resources to come up with a plan.

We decided to run over to Maceys grocery store for their soft-serve twist ice cream cones. After that we were going to visit the mall's playground for some fun. And with 5 minutes notice to the boys we were in the car and on our way.

The ice cream was great and we have plans to go back for more (later). As we left the store we drove down State Street in Orem looking for a sporting goods store that a friend of ours had told us about. The boys had so much pent up energy that they were nearly uncontrollable and certainly embarrassing in both stores! (We love our boys but sometimes...!)

As we walked out of the store and the store clerk "yells" at our kids so that they don't run and play in State Street we changed our minds about the mall and decide that an outdoor venue is needed for our children (thankfully it had stopped raining by then). So we headed for the mountains.

We stopped at the first park we came to and decided to let our boys throw rocks in the river, one of their all-time favorite activities. As we approached the river we noticed that it is much higher and fuller than normal. Because of the increased flow of water I didn't want my boys getting to close.

(Of course, we still let them climb on the bridge...go figure!)

After throwing lots of rocks and a few tree branches in the river we spent our last few minutes of our family night at the little playground. Our boys ran all over the place and were climbing on everything. The last of the pent up energy being released before we had to go home and go to bed.

As we were driving home we asked the boys what their favorite part of the activity was. "Throwing rocks", "Pooh Sticks", and "The slide" and sounded from the back of the suburban. Finally, "Everything!" summed up the family feelings as we headed home for the night.

May 28, 2011

At The Playground With The Bunkers

The warmer weather means that it's time to get together with our friends and it's time to investigate the various parks in our neighborhood. Today we went to visit the Bunkers. Since our families are so well matched it is always a blast, sometimes more than us parents can handle. The kids went wild and were all over the playground. They didn't stop until it was time to go home.

So the boys didn't have all the fun. I had to jump in too. But since I had the camera there is no photographic evidence of the ruckus and mayhem that ensued. Suffice it to say that we had fun running all over the playground. And I needed a rest by the time we were done.

Ice Cream at Maceys

We've past the deli counter who knows how many times and seen who knows how many people eating ice cream as they wander the isles of the store but we've never actually stopped to check it out. Well, today that changed. We decided to stop and check out the options. The little ice cream cones are only $0.49 each! So we got one for each of the 4 older boys. Quinten got to share with mommy.

These cones are so much bigger than McDonald's and they taste better too. This is something we'll have to do again.

May 27, 2011

Annual Dance Festival

This morning we went to support David and Donovan in their annual dance festival at Wasatch Elementary School. Donovan, in particular, has been so excited to participate in this event and has been counting down the days for the past month! We're so excited for him and he did a wonderful job, as did David, in this years dance festival.

Donovan & Partner
Jello Dance
Lion King Dance
Family Watching
Kids Watching

May 21, 2011

Wrestling With Dad

Wrestling dad has become a family favorite. The boys believe that any time they have an attitudinal advantage they have some prime directive to jump on me. This is especially true around prayer time were I am often humbled by the occasion.

Amazingly, the boys are starting to learn teamwork. Once they figure that out I'm really in trouble. At least we're all having fun, right!?

Car Wash

My boys wanted to surprise me with a clean car when I got home from work. They did a great job! Thanks boys!!!