May 31, 2013

Pre-ride Checklist Gets Quinten A Pass To The Park

As we were doing some of the myriad of chores on our to-do lists we noticed Quinten standing by the back gate examining his new bike as if he was going through a pre-ride check list. His brothers were off at 7-peaks water park; he'd been left behind because he was taking a nap and they were only going to be gone a short time.

As we saw him standing there we felt bad and I decide to take him out into the park to ride his bike. A dirty diaper brought us back to the house where we picked up mommy and Gidean. We returned to the park much fresher and enjoyed the winding walkway through the park. Even Gidean enjoyed the fresh air and a ride on his toy. Mommy kept pace on the scooter and got a great leg workout in the process.

We were stopped by a couple taking pictures for their people blog about people in Provo. (we'll link the blog post when we find it. ) After our park excursion we went home to prepare dinner.

May 30, 2013

Bug Splats Force Emergency Suburban Cleaning

Michelle and the boys took a trip up to the Petersen's over the weekend.  It was a busy trip but Michelle came home with several completed wood projects for the home (it helps to have the tools and know-how to do these projects). We are very grateful to Uncle Kyle and Grandpa Petersen for their expertise, experience and assistance to expedite these projects to completion; Grandma Petersen also was essential to the whole project process, especially helping with all of the children at their house.

Coming home (apparently) there was a great swarm of bugs, encouraged by the warmer weather, on the highway greeting all of the travelers. By the time Michelle made it home the suburban was completely caked with bug splat. The boys were given the task of cleaning the bug splat off of the suburban. They loved this assignment because 1) they got to go into the front yard, 2) they got to play with the water, and 3) they could climb all over the suburban.

Boys Washing the Car Cleaning the Bugs Off

I'm not really sure that the suburban could be classified as clean but the kids had a great time in the process. (Love the journey, not the destination!)

May 28, 2013

David Gets A Lesson Using The Weed Whacker

Craig is planning on leaving town for the next week or so.  With him out of town David is going to get the job of mowing Starr's lawn. But she's wanting to have her lawn edged. We like the idea of having our lawn edged too. So it is time for David to learn how to use the Weed Whacker.

This morning we were able to catch Craig before he was leaving town. So he took David out back to learn the workings of the Weed Whacker and some tips and tricks for edging a lawn so that it looks great.

We wasting no time in letting David get some practice with his newly developing skill set. He tried edging both the front and back yards.  For his first experience he did a pretty good job! By the end of the summer he'll be a pro.