August 29, 2012

Gidean's Climbing

I'm not ready for this!!!

Gidean is really starting to move and he does his best to follow his brothers.  After following his brothers up into the playhouse he realized a new sense of freedom.  Climbing has become a hobby for him and it's really making us nervous.

(posted 11/15/12)

The Jones Soccer Team

David has been participating in our city soccer program.  The rest of the boys have been wanting to get into the action.  With just a little assistance from our good friend Starr, our boys are now prepared to play, practice and spending the rest of the summer in intense training!

(posted 11/15/12)

August 19, 2012

Green Smoothie Moustache

How can you help but take a picture of this supper "Green Smoothie Mustache".  It's too cute for words.

August 16, 2012

Boys Play in the Stake Soccer Tournament

Our Stake has started an annual soccer tournament that is held toward the end of summer.  It has been held the past couple of years and has grown in popularity.  This year they lowered the age for the youth participants so that both David and Donovan are able to participate.  This year, instead of doing ward vs ward teams they have taken the boys and split them between all the teams so that the kids get to meet some kids from the other wards in the stake.  It also helps to reduce the competitive nature of some kids (and their parents).  After all, since this is church ball we want it to be a great experience for everyone.
David turned out to be the star of his team.  He scored all eight points in the first three soccer games.  However, that burst of energy drained him for the championship game.  Fortunately, his teammates stepped up to score their four points to win the tournament.

Donovan was instrumental in his team's victories.  His coach called him "stonewall" because no one could get past him.  Wherever the ball went Donovan was there to stop them.  He seems to have a natural ability to sense where the ball is head and to meet the ball there on defense.

As luck would have it, David and Donovan played on the same team so they were champions together.  I was pleased with their sportsmanship and soccer skills.  They may both have a future playing soccer.

August 15, 2012

Bunk House

Early in the spring of 2012 six young men were anticipating a move out of state and sold their bunk beds at the family yard sale.  Unbeknownest to them, the move out of state was never to happen.  Several months ensued with sleeping on the floor around the house.  And then a wonderful grandmother came to their rescue.  The bunk beds were restored and the boys rejoiced!
These are not the original bunk beds.  Two of the bunk beds were were used by Michelle and her family as she grew up.  The third bunk bed was one that I and my family used as I was growing up.  Now our boys get to used them as they are growing up.  So were all using the same bunk beds as we're growing up.

We've actually switched bedrooms.  The six boys are now in our room since it is the larger of the two bedrooms.  We have moved into their room since there are only two of us.  The beds just fit, end to end, around the room.  It's going to be an adventure!!!

August 14, 2012

Painting the Boy's Room

We have landed into a fortuitous set of circumstances.  We are getting two bunk beds for our boys.  This great change in our fortunes brings with it a certain amount of work.  The bunk beds won't fit into the boys room but they will fit into our room.  And if we're going to switch bedrooms with the boys, now would be the best time to get the bedroom painted.  It's been on our to-do list since we bought the home six years ago but we're just getting around to painting the bedroom. 
We want to paint the ceiling a flat white and the walls our signature tan.  In order to do it right we are cleaning and sanding the walls so that the latex paint will actually stick to the walls.  This project is turning out to be bigger than I remember!

Since we haven't actually switched rooms yet were are living in the construction zone...not the most pleasant of circumstances I can assure you.  But if we keep everything covered while we work it should keep things clean.

Now that the ceiling is done we are getting the walls painted.  The painting isn't hard by itself but having to maneuver around everything adds an element of challenge.

And we can't forget all the corners in the closet.  Not only that but Michelle has decided that she wants a semi-gloss white on the top half of the closet because boys will be storing their stuff up there and the white will help the closets seem brighter.

We just need to finish this coat and apply a second coat and we'll be done with this room.  I don't know if we're going to have the energy to paint the other room now that we're moving to that one!  This is just a lot of work.

August 13, 2012

Stuck Behind the Couch

We had gone over to visit with our neighbor and Quinten went to explore the house.  I noticed his head poking out from behind the couch, next to the lamp in the living room.  It was kind of funny to see him stuck back there so I grab a few seconds of video before Michelle rescued him. 

Happy Birthday Starr

The boys were so excited to do something for Starr's birthday today.  Michelle said she would make a cake and the boys wouldn't sit back until the cake was made.  We also made a personalize family card.  When we stopped by Donovan made sure that Starr read the birthday card first.
It was a funny moment when Donovan and Michael were trying to teach Starr the proper etiquette for blowing out the candles on one's birthday cake.  Starr listened very intently and then followed their directions completely blowing out all of the candles before we were able to sing her "Happy Birthday".  Michelle relit the candles after that false start and we enjoyed a simple birthday celebration with a most wonderful friend and neighbor.

August 12, 2012

Strike a Pose at the new Provo City Center Temple

Michelle has wanted to get a picture of the family in front of the new Provo City Center Temple before it gets rebuilt.  Of course we'll get a picture after it's all beautiful but this way we have a before and after picture.  After church we headed over to the site while we were still dressed up in our Sunday clothes.  While we were waiting for our photographer the boys decided to have a little fun.  Here they are striking a pose!

This is our official pre-construction family temple picture: