July 30, 2012

Family Trip to Trafalga in Lehi

The boys have been asking for an opportunity to go back to the Trafalga in Lehi.  Ever since David went there with Michelle to play Lazer Tag he has been asking to go back.  The other boys have been wanting to go as well.  So we took the opportunity to go as a family.  We took a stop at each of the running attractions.
The Pirate Ship

The Lighthouse

The Go Karts

The Squirt Boats

 Finally, Lazer Tag!

After a good hard day of play we stopped at a local park in Lehi to enjoy a picnic lunch.

I was a fun day of play with the family.  The boys are already asking when we can do it again!

July 27, 2012

Smoothie Spill

Michelle made an Orange Julius type smoothie today.  The drink was absolutely delicious.  Unfortunately, Michael was playing around at the table and spilled his drink.  Rather than let the smoothie go to waste he made sure to get every last drop of smoothie goodness.

July 25, 2012

Jumping with the Jays

David wanted to invite his friend John over to play.  Since he's been over before he knows that we have a trampoline, which happens to be one of his personal favorites.  The trampoline also happens to be the favorite of Jay's sisters too.  So one thing led to another and all of the sisters came over too.  So the afternoon turned into a jumping party with the Jays.

July 14, 2012

Head Trauma

Today has turned into the day of head trauma at our house.  This morning Aleky is playing with his brothers and he falls off the chair and hits his head on the bottom door hinge.  Since the gash was pretty big we figured we had to take him into the doctor.  After all, we didn't want something like that getting infected.  It was still an hour and a half trip to visit the nurse practitioner.

Before he got his staples the NP gave Aleky a set of gloves.  I guess it was kind of like a reward for being so brave.  He did really well only wincing as they put four staples in his head.


After Gidean's birthday party was over the boys were all playing their own games, just kind of doing things on their own.  All of a sudden there is a wail from the kitchen.  Quinten tried to take a close-up look at one of our pocket flashlights.  Apparently things got a little to clear for him.  But the doctor visits have been concluded for the weekend.  He gets to have a band-aid and some TLC.

It is time to just finish today.  We're all just a little bit tired and on edge, maybe a little over the edge.

Happy Birthday Gidean

My baby turned 1 year old! It doesn't seem like it's already been a year since Gidean joined our family.  Now he's already having birthdays.  Since he won't remember this birthday we decided we could invite our friends over to celebrate with us and Gidean wouldn't mind.
As it turns out, as long as he had some cake he didn't complain.  I love these kinds of birthdays.  Everything is perfect from his point of view.

The kids took advantage of the situation and had a blast jumping on the trampoline.
Part of the birthday activities was turning the home made ice cream.  Everyone took a turn but the kids burnt out quickly and went back to playing.

The kids having cake and ice cream.

The adults visiting and eating cake and ice cream.

The ice cream mustache.

Time for bed!!!

We're certainly grateful for our friends who were able to come and celebrate with us.  Gidean had a fabulous time and everyone else had fun too.

July 3, 2012

Balloon Fest

We decided that we were going to attend the balloon fest this year.  We've thought about it every year and we always see the balloons flying overhead from our house.  But this year we woke everyone up and headed over to the field to watch it for ourselves.
Field prior to balloons inflating and taking off
The field was definitely alive with color and it was fun to see the balloon getting inflated before they took off.


I think we'll have to do this again next year...if we're still in the area.