January 29, 2012

Demolition Men

We managed to get a huge TV given to us the other day.  It's been sitting in the back of our suburban because it was too big for us to move (it's an old TV and very heavy).  We called our hometeachers to come help us get the TV into our play room downstairs (the whole reason for getting this huge TV is because it looked like it might be able to handle the stress of our boys).
In order to clear out some space for the TV we needed to move the old entertainment center that was already down there.  Michelle thought it would be a great project for the boys to figure out how to get the entertainment center out of the basement.  She told the boys, "Get the entertainment center out of the basement.  Use any means necessary."  The boys did just as they were told.  It took some thinking and some muscle but they managed to take the entertainment center out all by themselves.

The boys did a great job working together.  The boys finished just in time for the muscle to arrive and move the TV downstairs.  We're not completely sure how we want the TV situated but the hardest part of the job is now done and we have our suburban back to use for hauling boys.  Thanks to our hometeachers for coming over!  You guys rock.

January 28, 2012

The Cops Have Our Number

My family is so wonderful.  Since I live so close to work there are frequent days when Michelle and the boys will meet me on the way home from work and we get to walk the rest of the way home together.  It is a wonderful thing that we've been doing occasionally over the past couple of weeks during this mild January weather.

Well, on Wednesday my boys wanted to run and meet me on the way home from work but Michelle was in the middle of things and not able to jump up and run.  So she let David, Michael and Aleky leave to meet me as long as they would stick together.  As I'm leaving from work I see David running up the street with Michael a long way behind.  We meet up and head toward the house.  We finally catch up to Aleky who had been left behind and only made it as far as Center St. in front of our hometeacher's house, just after crossing at the light.

Aleky turns around and runs back to the light at 900 E and starts to run into the STREET!  I yell at him and he stops, turns around and comes back to the corner.  Fortunately the car making a turn onto 900 E saw him in plenty of time and didn't run Aleky over.  Obviously, that didn't make me very happy.  The cop on Center St crosses through the intersection, turns around and tries to catch up with Aleky who, after crossing 900 E with me, took off running to the house.  The cop stops in the middle of the road, can't catch Aleky but follows him to the house.  A second cop stops and notices the rest of us and stops to talk to us.

Apparently someone had phoned in to the cops that a little boy was hanging out at the corner of 900 E and Center St. and they had come to investigate.  It was a little embarrassing to have the two cops stop because of Aleky.  But at least we have some good neighbors who are watching out for him, right?

Well, today the boys were playing in the park just outside our gate.  At least David, Donovan and Michael were just outside the gate.  Aleky and Quinten were exploring more of the park.  Michelle was watching the boys but couldn't see Quinten from the house and asked David to bring Quinten back because we can't watch him if he gets too far away.  After retrieving Quinten from the south side of the park the boys came in and locked the gate.  They went downstairs to play.

A short time later there's a knock at the door.  When Michael answers the door he shouts, "it's a police man".   Apparently another concerned neighbor didn't feel that Quinten had enough supervision and called the police.  They came to find out who was watching the boys.  Since they were all inside the house there wasn't much for them to do.  As the first cop was leaving a second cop call pulled up but noting that there was no situation here they both left.

On the one hand I'm glad to know that we have concerned neighbors who are watching out for our boys.  On the other hand, the boys should be allowed a chance to play in the public park just outside our backyard.  I guess you can't blame the newly wed mothers in the neighborhood for being concerned but calling the police may not be the best way to handle the situation.  However, we find it interesting that the police drove straight to our door.  Hmmm....

January 25, 2012

Waltzing Matilda Dinner Improvisation

Donovan starting learning "Waltzing Matlida" at school and was singing it all afternoon, at least the chorus was repeated frequently.  At dinner the song morphed into a cacophony of sound that was captured on video.

January 24, 2012

Pack Meeting

David has his monthly cub scout pack meeting.  We went to support David in his scouting.  We arrived a little late but we got there in time to participate in the "snow shovel" race and to see David get awarded his "marbles" belt loop.  David was also able to lead everyone in the "motorcycle" cheer.  Afterward we had hot chocolate and donuts as refreshments.

Aleky Sleeps During Shopping Trip

Our boys were extra good this weekend and we wanted to give them a little reward to say "thank you" for the pleasant day.  But one thing led to another and the reward had to be postponed.  However, today was the day and we took the boys to Macey's to get them ice cream cones.  The boys thought it was great and they happily munched on their ice cream while we tried to get some quick shopping done. 

Apparently our quick shopping trip wasn't fast enough.  As were are speeding through the freezer section we notice that Aleky is out cold, literally.  Not only was he sleeping but he still had a beautiful ice cream mark around his lips!  It was just too cute to pass up.

We still tried to hurry with our shopping.  We managed to finish, check out and get home in time to be only 15 minutes late to David's pack meeting.  We tried...there just isn't enough time in the day!