January 30, 2013

The Man of Steel

Well, the man of steel he is not but Quinten did put his strength to the test yesterday.

So, here's the situation...Michelle has the three younger boys at Sam's Club getting a few supplies.  Aleky says he has to go to the bathroom (which is at the front of the store.  Michelle tells him to wait just a minute and they'll all go together.  Aleky couldn't wait that long and immediately takes off running to the bathroom.  Quinten thinks it's a great idea to run through the store too and takes off following Aleky.

In Sam's Club there are a few support pillars that are located in the middle of the isle and they are made of steel.  As Aleky flies around the corner he sees the pillar just in time to make the correction and misses the pillar.  Quinten was not so fortunate.  He didn't see the pillar until it was too late.  As a result he landed himself a super size goose egg right in the middle of his forehead.

Naturally, he let's out a scream which Michelle ignores because it is coming from the other side of the store and she was just grabbing the paper plates from the shelf.  But then she realizes/recognizes the scream and hurries to the scene.  Naturally, the mass of concerned employees you would normally expect to see with such a ruckus was unnaturally missing.  So Michelle pick Quinten off the floor and took him straight to the bathroom to clean up the blood from the busted lip.  (An employee happened to see them in the bathroom an alerted the manager.)

This was supposed to be just a quick stop so Michelle didn't have the diaper bag or anything with her so she checked out and headed straight home.  We've discovered that Past Tense (doTERRA essential oil blend) works wonders on bruises if it is applied immediately.  So Michelle applied the Past Tense to his forehead several times over the course of the day.  Now, 24 hours later, Quinten is looking remarkable normal.


Although he proved to not quite be the man of steel he did show that he is quite capable of bouncing back after a tough hit.  I hope he will slow down from now on, but that's probably wishful thinking.