March 14, 2013

Library Kids

We just learned about a special program that the library is hosting called "Library Kids".  Each week they  get to go to the library where they do a project, listen to a story (being read to them) and get a treat.  The program has been quite successful, even though we just learned about it.  You have to call earlier in the week to get your kid's name on the list.  If you don't call soon enough you can wait as a stand-by, just in case another kid doesn't show (you can claim that spot).

Even though we called and had the boys name on the list, they still had to wait in line to get in and verify that their names were actually on the list.  I'm guessing there were about 30 kids in this younger class.  The older boys were in a different class.

This week the younger boys we're making a Leprachaun trap.  I guess we'll see how well they managed to put their traps together and see if they actually catch anything.

The older boys made a secret hiding book.  They glued pages of old, discarded library books together and cut out the middle where they could store their special things.  Then, when it's on the shelf, it just looks like an ordinary book, but inside are their hidden treasures.

Both groups get to listen to stories after they finish working on their projects.  For those kids who need additional time to work on their projects, they get to finish working during the story time.

Everyone who participated seemed to enjoy the activity.  Our boys are excited and want to go back next week.  We'll have to call early in the week to make sure that we get them a spot!

(Published on 6/2/13)