August 14, 2014

Summer Swimming Lessons

David and Aleky had swim lessons these last 2 weeks of summer. Both boys have had to work hard. David has been part of the pre-swim team and Aleky had to jump up to level 5 because there were no other level 4 swimmers this time around. They have done great and have been excited to swim.

This video was taken on the last day of swim class. David learned the butterfly stroke and both boys got a chance to practice some diving.

August 10, 2014

Just Dance Boys Party

I'm not sure what possessed us to bring out the Wii the other day but, for better or worse, we had it up and running.  The boys needs to do something active and so Michelle brought out the Just Dance game for the Wii.  After replacing all the batteries in the various remote the game was up a running.  I happened to come home to see everyone just getting ready to start.

First we had to establish the wii remote rotation so that everyone would have a chance to play.  Then the boys started the first song and the first dance.  Everyone had a chance to dance and most everyone had a chance to play (to dance with the wii remote and score points).  While I was on the "out" rotation I caught a few of the dances on video for memories sake.

August 7, 2014

The New Monte L. Bean Museum with Pack 51

Today the Cub Scout of Troop 51 had a family activity at the remodeled Monte L. Bean Life Science Museum. We thought it would be great fun to go as a family since we haven't been since the remodeled museum had opened.

We got there a little early to discover that the entire parking lot was being torn up and we couldn't park there.  All the street parking was taken so I dropped the family off and went to find parking down in the main Marriott Center parking lot.  When I got back to the museum it was locked up and so I found the family at the bell tower.  They wanted to hear the bells ring at the top of the hour.

The pack started the museum visit started with a little instruction about the various animals and their habitats.  During this instruction we got to see several live animals and even pet a couple.  My boys were a little hesitant but they all participated.

After the group instruction we had the remainder of the time to check out the various exhibits as a family.  This first one is the bird exhibit and we loved the peacock tail feathers...very colorful!

And the elephant!

And the butterflies...

Gidean found a squid.

Quinten is getting a close-up view of the insects.

African wildlife...

Upstairs were more large animals...

And a tourist who wanted a picture with my boys!

After the museum we decided to have a little family picnic at Macey's.  And to top of the experience we had their soft-serve ice cream cones!  What a fun experience we've had together as a family.