November 1, 2015

Aleky Gets Baptized

Aleky has chosen to be baptized and become a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. We are so proud of his him. He has been looking forward to getting baptized for some time now, especially since his birthday earlier this month. 

Aleky put together an amazing program for his baptism. He asked Michelle to give a special talk on Baptism and Bishop Nelson to give a talk on the Holy Ghost (unfortunately the Bishop got ill so we asked our former home teacher, Brother Norman Thurston to give this talk). Sister Arnolene Anderson agreed to play the piano for the hymns and for the musical number which was performed by all 6 of the Jones boys. The Jones boys sang the Fourth Article of Faith and Army of Helaman. Grandma Sondra Jones and Grandpa David Petersen gave the prayers. Other supporting people included Susan Larabee as chorister, Jason Brooks presided and conducted the service, and Grandpa Jones and Grandpa Petersen were witnesses for the baptism. I was privileged to perform both the baptism and the confirmation of Aleky.

The Spirit was very strong as we listened to the talks, sang many hymns and songs, and listened to the confirmation and blessing being performed.  I was especially touched as my boys sang their musical number, Army of Helaman. I know that 6 boys isn't an army, a platoon maybe, but the potential faith and miracles that these boys represent really touched me. It is only a few more years before these boys will be scattered around the world to teach the gospel and bless lives and soon they will be baptizing others. And I am so grateful that I have the opportunity to be their father and that I have this time to help them get their spiritual legs under them before they are off and running to save the world.

We are certainly grateful to the many family and friends who were able to join us to witness Aleky getting baptized. 

After Aleky's baptismal service concluded we had a small luncheon and birthday celebration. We had previously held a small birthday celebration with cake and ice cream on his birthday but we made him wait to receive his presents because they were all related to getting baptized and becoming a member of the Church. So after lunch we had another cake, sang "Happy Birthday" and opened presents.

(Aleky opening presents)

(Aleky's Pumpkin Cakes)

(Singing Happy Birthday and blowing out candles)

(Aleky and Great Grandma Barrus)

(Aleky with Grandma & Grandpa Petersen and his new CTR ring!)

Congratulations Aleky! You've started on the right path back to our Heavenly Father. We love you.