April 9, 2017

Heavenly Father is Watching Over Us

Yesterday we had the wonderful blessing of attending the baptism of my niece, Millie Petersen. She lives near Logan, UT so we had about 2 hours of driving to get there. As circumstances would have it, we were running exactly on time (maybe even a little late) by the time we had got the dinner in the crock-pot, the fruit salad assembled and the boys all dressed in their Sunday clothes.

I was not feeling my best, having been feeling ill over the past day or so, and Michelle tends to be the faster driver so she was driving the suburban. The weather had gone from beautiful blue skies all week to stormy (rain) on Saturday. Even with the poorer weather we were still moving at highway speeds (actually, we were moving faster than highway speeds).  As we were traveling through Murray Michelle noticed a highway patrol car enter the highway out of the corner of her eye. Obviously, with the long arm of the law following you on the highway you naturally tend to move a little slower and Michelle was no exception. She slowed down to normal highway speeds.

About the time we reach the next highway exit we had to come to a complete stop rather abruptly as the highway was suddenly backed up and gridlocked, with very little movement. As we impatiently tried to maneuver through the traffic jam we discovered that only about 1,000 feet ahead there was a major accident! We would later discover that there was over 20 vehicles, including two semi-tractor trailers, involved in this accident. Fortunately, only 2 people were injured in this accident. However, had we not slowed down at the previous exit, we would have been right in the middle of the 20 vehicles!

We knew that immediately that Heavenly Father had been watching over us. You can see from the pictures that the first responders had not even made it to the scene yet. In fact, we have wondered where the officer went that Michelle had seen out of the corner of her eye. We expected that officer to have been the first responder on the scene but he/she never arrived.

We managed to squeeze through the debris and made it to the baptism during the opening song. That was quite fortunate because the highway was closed down for almost 3 hours while the emergency crews cleaned up the debris from this accident once they arrived on the scene.

After listening to several talks about the importance of the Holy Ghost and looking for His hand in our lives we have started praying to be more aware of His influence. Friday night we were able to find Michael, who had been missing for over 45 minutes. Saturday, we were guided to avoid a serious accident. I think it's safe to say that Heavenly Father is watching over our family and is willing to help us if we will just pray and ask for His guidance.