July 4, 2017

Barrus Memorial Run 2017

We have had a fantastic morning as our family participated in the annual Barrus Memorial Run in Grantsville, UT. We have run this race for the past 4 years and each year our boys do a phenomenal job in the race. As our boys grow older they are getting faster! This year was no exception. We had 4 participants in the 1 mile run (Donovan, Michael, Quinten and Gidean) and 5 participants in the 5K run (Michelle, David, Donovan, Aleky and Grandma Brenda Petersen). Donovan decided that he wanted to run in both events to increase his chances of earning a medal.

1 Mile Race

Last year Gidean had a rocky start to the race as he expected to be leading the entire pack and win the race. This year he understood how the race works and everybody runs.

The boys all ran hard and we had several medal winners out of the bunch.

Donovan finished the mile in 3rd place at 6:27.8.

Michael finished the mile in 7th place at 6:56.7.

Quinten was not far behind. He finished the race in 10th place at 7:14.9.

Despite the 10th place overall finish, Quinten won the "under 7" category! Way to go Quinten!!!

Gidean was the super surprise finisher at this year's mile race. He finished 20th overall in a time of 8:23.3.

That time was good enough to place him in 2nd Place in the "under 7" category! How amazing is that!!!

We are so excited and proud of our boys. They did such a good job running this morning.

5K Race

With the mile race completed, the remaining family members were eager with anticipation.

With spirits high the runners were off...

This year was an especially fast group of runners! The winner crossed the finish line in just 16:36! I can't even think that fast. David was the first family member to cross the finish line.

David finished in a time of 21:14 and was 23rd overall. He finished so quickly I almost wasn't prepared for him to be there. That time qualified David for a 2nd place finish in the "10-14" category.

Donovan was the next one to cross the line. He finished 95th overall and a time of 26.52.

Aleky was the next one to cross the finish line. He was 137th overall and had a time of 29:37.

Finally, Grandma Petersen and Michelle rounded out the crew. They finished at a time of 36:47.

 Grandma Petersen topped the mature runners category for this year.

Our family did a fantastic job and worked hard to win, or at least to run and do their best. I am very proud of all my boys for their fantastic efforts. I am proud of Michelle and Grandma Petersen for their participation too!